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  • African Tales by Moonlight with Spiritual Lessons

    These are tales from my childhood in a traditional African society. These were countless others. They were meant to teach us that whatever we did would produce consequences - good or bad, depending on our actions. So, enjoy these tales... [read more]

  • An Encouter With The Holy Spirit

    An Encouter With The Holy Spirit is about the Holy Spirit and His ministry and how an encounter with Him can change your life forever. I had an encounter with the Person of the Holy Spirit in April 1986 and that... [read more]

  • Christian Soldiers and Spiritual Warfare

    This book is written to help Christians in their spiritual warfare against the devil and his demons. The Bible says we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against wicked spirits in high places. This book talks about the... [read more]

  • Family Planning for Christian Couples

    This book answers the questions Christian couples often ask about family planning. I will advise Christian couples and singles planning to get married to read this book. It talks about the various types of natural and artificial contraceptives and why... [read more]

  • Love... The Nature of God

    Loving others is the first mark of being a Christian. This book is about the highest form of love—agape love—God's kind of love. The Scriptures say that if we don't have love we haven'... [read more]

  • Steps to Walking With God

    This book is for those who have just given their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ and they want to know how to walk with God daily and draw closer to Him. Also for believers who have become lukewarm in... [read more]

  • The God Kind of Faith

    This book is about the God kind of faith, and how you can release your faith in order to receive from God. It mentions five steps to receiving from God, which if you follow, you will always have your prayers... [read more]

  • The Power of Praise

    This book The Power of Praise is about how the praise of God brings down His presence; and His presence brings salvation, healing, deliverance, and miracles. It tells about how you can have your prayers answered through the power... [read more]

  • The Total Man - Spirit, Soul, and Body

    Jesus came to redeem the total man; not just the spirit and the soul but also the body. He came to restore man to the pre-Adam-fall state, free of sin, sickness and disease. Man can live in total victory as... [read more]

  • Victoria's Son - A Memoir

    About the Author Philip Ademola Togun was born at Iresi, a small Southwestern Nigerian town. He was educated in Nigeria, graduating as a physician in 1974 from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He proceeded to Edinburgh, Scotland, U... [read more]