900 Francais Drive
Shreveport, LA 71118

Christlove International Christian Ministries

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Vision & Mission

The vision of Christlove International Christian Ministries is enumerated as follows:

  1. To minister to the spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of people, irrespective of color, race, creed or socio-economic status, but the poor will receive special attention.
  2. To witness to people about the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ and invite them to place their trust in Him, and to help them grow in faith through sound Biblical teaching.
  3. To encourage Christians to grow in their faith by studying the Bible.
  4. To encourage Christians to live out their faith based on Biblical teaching.
  5. To encourage Christians to love one another and to reach out to others in practical demonstration of the love of Christ.
  6. To interact with people in the neighborhood that we serve in order to know their problems and find out the best way to help them.
  7. To pray for healing for the sick (Luke 4:18 & Mark 16: 15-18), as well as providing twenty-four-hour prayer and counseling by telephone.
  8. To take the gospel to the whole world.